My name is Franz Rosenberger. I’m an interdisciplinary designer. My work moves within the intersections between design, art and technology.

Somewhere between product and prototype my latest creations are a critical discourse on technology rapidly expanding within our spheres of live. In the course of the fast-growing internet of things, I am seeking for meaningful application paradigms through interactive exhibits with a strong humanist focus. The devices thus created demand a discussion around the relationship human – technology.

Alongside my artistic-creative work, I’m a freelance designer. Here my main focus lies on the fields of interaction- and user experience design.

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in “Audiovisual Media” at Stuttgart Media University, gathering sound knowledge of media technology. Through the subsequent Master programme “Multimedia Design” at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, I learned to understand technology as a design medium and developed a personal artistic-creative position.

Some of my work has been shown in public exhibitions.